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Mini X-Ray CCD Camera / Camcorder

Date Listed   Nov 21-5:08 pm

Price --CAD

Posted by eListr member: InkaSS 

City of London England U.K.

This poster accepts:

Real miniature X-Ray camera / camcorder equipped with a special optical CCD lens that will allow you to penetrate a surface object and view what is underneath it. Simply view the images on the built in LCD screen or upload to your PC or laptop via the included USB or connect to your TV, VCR or suitable display if you order the non LCD screen versions and you are ready to see the unseen, this camera has many useful applications, such as detecting concealed items and uncovering document forgeries, however you should not think of this camera as a portable X-Ray machine similar to the ones used in the medical profession as it is not capable of seeing through dense objects, however you will be able to see through certain materials and coverings.

The science behind this amazing camera is quite simple:
Under normal light conditions both visible and infrared light can pass through certain material types covering an object and are then reflected by the objects surface, but the reflected visible light is too strong and saturated for the naked eye to see, however, the clever trick that this camera performs is to filter out the unwanted reflected visible light and allow only the reflected infrared light along with the required visible light to pass making the covered object surface visible.
Due to the nature of this X-Ray camera / camcorder and it's ability to see through certain types of clothing, discretion must be used in its operation, and it should not be used to invade someone's privacy.

You will actually be able to penetrate and see what normally will be invisible to the naked eye.

Waterproof - can be used underwater.

Built in very small camera lens (3mm in diameter).

Built in screen for viewing while recording, instant play back, forward, rewind, capture video or still images.

Playback on built in screen or transfer files to PC or Laptop via USB connector (included).

Built in rechargeable batteries. The built in rechargeable batteries last up to 2 hours. (charger included) charging time 2 hours.

Records up to 8 GB of video or snapshot images.

Undetectable X-Ray camera that is very simple to operate.

Powerful adjustable exposure function.

Completely safe to use.

This item should not be used to invade personal privacy and may not be allowed in certain countries, it should not be used to break any laws governing the use of such equipment, please check you local laws before you place your order!

Please visit the web site link for more information.

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